[News] Lee Hyori, the big sister to Sandara Park and UEE on Family Outing

On the episode of SBS Family Outing aired on the 15th, the ‘big unnie’ side of diva Lee Hyori shows amongst guest appearances 2NE1 Sandara Park and After School UEE.

From the opening of the show, Lee Hyori has tried to fit in with the image of the young girls (Sandara Park and UEE) by dressing and looking young, which has caused laughters even at the beginning of the show.

Also Hyori tried to point accusations to Sandara Park and UEE, who are not only receiving much attention from the male guest appearances but also from the male staff around, and has racked up several funny episodes on the show.

But still, Hyori hails as the ‘big unnie’ amongst them. Hyori asked Sandara Park about her weight and Sandara Park answered, “40kg.”

Guess what happen next.

With that Sandara Park said, “The reason why I am short is because of Lee Hyori. When I was in my teens, I really like Lee Hyori, and I came to Korea from the Philippines carrying melon. I saw Hyori unnie looking really cool and eating melons on TV, and I wanted to give them to her.”

She continued, “So coincidentally I got to know Hyori unnie’s address from other fans and waited in front of the house. And in the end, I passed the melons to her mother and asked her to give them to her, and I went home.”

With that, Hyori seems touched and said, “So in the end, you did not see me and just went off?” and she added, “Kids like these are kind” which caused another round of laughters during the filming.

She then said to Sandara Park, “Dara ya, from now, kids are these will come to you” encouraging her junior.


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