[news]Jung Yonghwa "Even I am shocked at Bulmaejung's popularity"

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Jung Yonghwa plays the sweet guy in the drama. One look at him and you can tell he’s from Pusan. “I’ve been in Seoul for a pretty long time but even so, I still use my satoori (T/N:dialect) when I meet up with friends. “YOU go to Hawaii” (T/N: A famous quote from Korean movie “Friend”. Jang Dong Gun’s line) How is it? I sound exactly like a Pusan boy, right?”

'The world changes a little on a bright day'

Jung Yonghwa has seen a sharp spike in his popularity because of the SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Indeed, his popularity has gone through the roof. Recently, he got ‘robbed’ while filming a scene at Myeongdong, Seoul. Fans had recognized him and were crowding around him during the shoot when suddenly; a female fan grabbed his hat and ran. The hat he was wearing is the hat Yonghwa often wears in the drama.

“Although I was a little shocked when my hat was taken from me, I thought it was okay cause she must’ve really liked me. I was really surprised recently when Chinese fans brought me food when I was in front of a salon”

The reason for him being mobbed by autograph requests wherever he goes now is because of his role in ‘You’re Beautiful’. In the drama, he plays Kang Shinwoo, a member of the band AN Jell and set many female hearts aflutter because of his character’s thoughtful consideration for Go Minam (Park Shinhye)

“Actually, I think I’ll be like Kang Shinwoo if I ever fall in love. Of course I don’t think I’ll be able to give such unconditional love, but at least I’ll try to watch out for her and protect her”

When fans found out that Jung Yonghwa is the vocalist and guitarist of 4 member indie band CN Blue, his band has been thrown into the spotlight as well.

“We went to Japan to study music. There, we CN Blue members performed in the streets and at live houses. The remaining members? Of course they are ‘kkotminams’ too. (T/N: Kkotminam refers to ‘pretty boy’) There are plans for us to make our official debut in Korea in the first half of 2010"

In the drama, his character is now fighting with Jang Geun Suk’s character for the possession of Park Shinye’s heart. His kiss on Shinhye’s forehead during a recent episode has been drawing a lot of attention.

“Up till now, Park Shinhye and I have yet to have a proper kiss. Since we don’t get the script in advance, I don’t know if there’ll be one in future.” What if there is a kiss scene? “I’ll just have to work hard at it, of course. Haha”

In order to satisfy his female fans’ curiosity, the topic of his ideal type was brought up.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re pretty or ugly. I like girls that I feel comfortable with. Although it may seem like I’ve got a lot of dating experience, that isn’t true”

On his resemblance with fellow actor Jung Kyungho. (Jung Kyungho is currently acting in Smile, You opposite Lee Minjung)

“In actual fact, I do hear that I look like Jung Kyungho a lot. There were even rumours that I was his younger brother because we share the same last name. But what do to? This dongsaeng has never even met his hyung. *laughs*”

T/N: Bulmaejung is Shinhye's nickname for him. It's an abrreviation of 수록 력적인 용화 (Jung Yonghwa: the more you look at him the more attractive he gets). Bulmae is a popular slang in Korea at the moment

Translated by:sparkskey
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