[me2day] 8EIGHT Baek Chan and MC Sniper updates 091115

8EIGHT Baek Chan
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Original message:
“오늘은 결혼식 축가 부르고 왔어요! 결혼식 시작전에 기다리며 놀고 있는 우리 8입니돠ㅎ Wedding dress!♬”

In English:

“Today we’re singing at a wedding ceremony! At the wedding, it’s us, 8eight who are playingㅎ Wedding dress!♬”

Original message:
“화장실셀카2-1이예요! 같은 배경이기에.. 이번에도 역시 화징실 타일이란 사실을 일부러 일부러 망각한채”

In English:

“It’s bathroom selca 2-1! It’s the same background as before.. The tiles are the same so as to act as proof that it’s the same.”

MC Sniper

Original message:
“아침7시까지술을 마셨습니다^^그리고 차에서 잤습니다 지금은 벌건 래낮입니다♥♥♥♥또막습니다 진심인대 감독님들 낮술진짜좋아하시는것같네요”

In English:

“I was out drinking alcohol until 7AM this morning^^ And then I slept in the car until the daytime♥♥♥♥And I sincerely enjoyed drinking together with the management team.”

cr: aa-chan.

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