[News] 2PM, “The title ‘1:59PM’ means that we are waiting for JaeBum hyung”

2PM on their first visit to China.

Recently back promoting as 6 members with album ‘1:59PM’ , after member JaeBum left the group in September, 2PM performed for ‘Feel Korea in ShangHai: K-POP Night’ on 25th November.

Many fans were seen hopping on vans and taxis following the group around. Also fans were seen holding placards like ‘2PM=7′ during the group’s performance.

The 2PM members spoke up about their 1st album title ‘1:59PM’, “It means that we are waiting for JaeBum hyung. Even though we are waiting for him, because he is not around now, we are not 2PM.” And when asked, “Does it mean that the group is not in perfection since JaeBum is not around now.” They answered, “Yes.”

They said that this was the idea that producer Park Jin Young came out.

“We were discussing about this with Park JinYoung producer, and we talked about the idea of 1:59PM. We thought it is a good title for the album since we are waiting for JaeBum hyung.”

And about their comeback title song ‘Heartbeat’, it shows off a different charms for the boys who have been known as the ‘beasty idols’ doing acrobatic performances before. The members revealed that the comeback performance concept is rather experimental this time.

TaecYeon said, “Originally the word beast is not a really complimentary word for guys, but we are happy that our fans used it for us because they like the side that we show during our promotional activities. But now with the song ‘Heartbeat’, we are being called ‘zombie-dol (zombie idol)’.

Just 2 years into debut, the group won the Artiste of the Year award amongst other awards on 2009 MAMA, but the boys revealing that they are still not there yet for their overseas advance.

The members who received an unexpectedly warm welcome in China said, “Even though we received much love in Korea itself, we are curious how we will be received overseas. Even though it is a shame that we will be returning on the 26th, we will visit again on 1st December for WonderGirls’ first independent concert in ShangHai as guest appearances.”

The boys were also asked about Nich Khun’s performance with Ivy during 2009 MAMA last weekend. Ivy had appeared on stage with a vampire concept and had put up a sexy performance with Nich Khun but due to fans’ unhappiness on the over-suggestive performance,she has to even close down her minihompy.

Nich Khun spoke up, “I was a little shy when performing with Ivy noona. But I feel sorry for Ivy noona. A performance is just a performance, I hope that people see it that way.”


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