[news] Chinese Cassiopeia Plan to Create Their Own Concert?

I’m sure that everyone knows about the cancellation of the ShenZhen concert. During these times of doubt, our team has been thinking of a way to lesson everyone’s suffering and lift their spirits. There’s no need for more words, only determination and faith, along with the phrase, “We are always standing by TVXQ”. With these thoughts in mind, we came to an idea. Though the venue will decrease in size, though there won’t be fancy lights and blasting speakers, though there will be no sight of our boys….there will be a unity of loving hearts singing and shining in place of our boys. My fellow sisters, would you like to attend this type of concert?
A lot of our sisters have brought plane tickets which they can no longer refund. We refuse to let those tickets go in vain. Even though you may not see our boys, we would like to create an unforgettable memory. So, we would like to propose an idol-less concert full of love.

VENUE: A stadium in Shenzhen (we are currently searching, however, since we don’t have a staff who lives in Shenzhen, if anyone has a recommendation, please contact us at tvxqbar@qq.com)
TIME: November 21st, 7pm
ORGANIZATION: 百度东方神起吧 (TVXQ Baidu)

We will announce the door prices based on the venue we have found. We hope that everyone could be understanding. Drinks and snacks will be prepared and our “Stand by you” project will be released as well. We will arrange by the door for everyone to leave a message to the boys. We will then mail the recordings of this ‘fan event’ along with all the messages to the boys.

To put it simply, this is more like a huge fan event, we just hope that everyone could find a silver lining out of the disaster regarding the Shenzhen concert. We want to show the boys that, “See, we can wait for you. Even if you can’t make it here, we can still have fun. So don’t worry about us, just focus on your own happiness!”
The event’s theme will be the same as their concert. We can still sing together and cheer together. We will broadcast the PV we prepared for 6 month, the Chinese version of ‘Proud’. This was originally planned to be included in the 6th anniversary of this forum, consider it an early gift.

We need to inform everyone that since this announcement was very sudden, our own sources are also limited. We are not sure if this event will succeed, but we promise everyone, that we will do our very best.
We are currently working on the details now, if there are any good advice at all, please email us at tvxqbar@qq.com

Original Source: DNBN
Translations: Yotada@DBSKnights

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