[news] Ryeowook Fanaccount – “Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban” recording

[11.11] 09.11.10 Nanjing “Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban” postscript – When we are high together.

I am now very very tired = =
But to prevent me from sleeping and then not being able to wake up for work
So the poor me decided to write this postscript overnight
There might be some missing parts but those parts that are high, I’ve already written them here
TT TT TT its been a long time since I wrote a postscript.

I should say that Nanjing is my lucky place.
When the filming started today, the MC said that SJM only came to Nanjing to record a variety after 19 months. Last year’s recording on April 10th was also Jiangsu variety and it let TR and Kim Ryeowook
have an unforgettable night together. Today, it was the same location, although its a different MC but the anxiousness and surprises it gave was the same.

I shall start talking about last year’s programme. The MC asked how many people that came for the programme last year was here this year as well. Seafood*, Zhangjie* and I raised our hands at the same time. Dearest Ryeowook said “thank you” to our direction. ^^ hehe..did he still remember our old faces? -00-
I couldn’t remember many details
When we went in this time,it was quite erratic. When we went in as the second batch,the fans area in front was already quite filled T-T. But no matter what, we still walked towards the stage on the left calmly.(Kim Ryeowook’s place was there afterall XD). After sitting down at the last 2 rows of the fan’s area, we realised that the whole place was quite small and we are nested in front of the audience but we still weren’t able to see much. ==

When they appeared, Kim Ryeowook scanned through the crowds and saw us XDD Actually, if he couldn’t see us despite the amount of lightsticks and fan towels, I’ll be suspicious of his eyesight.
But about his perseverence of looking for his fan boards’ habit, it was the first time I had an “eye interaction” with him..okay..I admit that my description was a little disgusting….

After the dancing ended was introductions. They interviewed them asking what their Super Girl is like…
okay Ryeowook, I admit that you have a thick skin,”a girl who’s taller than me!!!” Are you joking ==||||
taller than you…..who was it that said during shows that you don’t like girls who wears heels which is equivalent to you not liking girls that are taller than you. So the whole group of us pointed at you and gave you a face of contempt. Okay,I know you saw us and you laughed..heihei..what are you trying to hide? I really wanted to give you face but you’ll have to blame that after you said that sentence, everyone was so quiet and I was the only one shouting “liar”…..and very unfortunately,the MC heard it and the MC said “looks like ryeowook’s fans understand ryeowook more than himself ==”
After that, he invited one of the fans to talk about it. The whole entire area,only Seafood* student beside me raised her hand. Seafood* walked to the side of the stage and said that (Ryeowook) prefers cuter girls. The following…made all the fans scream. Kim Ryeowook walked to the side and pulled Seafood* up to the stage..what they did after that…I shall not reveal. Wait till you watch the programme.

After that,he talked about him writing a love letter,he said he first wrote a love letter when he’s 13. Again, I did not give him face and said “liar~~~~” ==+ The MC said again “Next time,when we interview Ryeowook,we should ask his fans directly as it will be clearer.hahahahha~

Kim Ryeowook sang a new song today..FIR’s Wo men de ai.
Kim Ryeowook wrote calligraphy today…and he not only wrote “ryeowook”,”no”,”i have”….==
what he wrote captured a noona’s heart.haha..

The second segment was a mini SJM’s performance…and they needed to guess who each of the little kid was representing in SJM.
One of the little segments was that actually, the little kid that was the little version of the member was supposed to stand with the member at the side of the stage. But after Ryeowook went over,he playfully dragged the little kid to the left side of the stage and gave us a pose == Kim Ryeowook,you did that on purpose right.

After the kids went off stage,what was very coincidental was that this little kid was just sitting behind us. So a group of woman left their areas and went to tease the little Ryeowook== taking photos together,pinching his mouth…

Question: What did Ryeowook ask you?
Answer: He asked me where I lived,how old I was and what my name is.
Everyone: ==|||| Kim Ryeowook are you investigating him..
Question: You understood what he said?
Answer: Understood
Everyone: Kim Ryeowook,your chinese is so good
Question: Who do you like the most in SJM?
Answer: Kim Ryeowook
Everyone: You have a good taste
Question: Why do you like Ryeowook?
Answer: Because he is the cutest
Everyone: ==+||||| nothing to say…
(After that we discovered that this boy’s mother liked Ryeowook the most,HOHO~~~~)
The group of us did a very noble thing. After little Ryeowook sat down,we requested that he was to hold the TR’s little yellow towel..when Ryeowook saw it, he laughed happily ^^
During the filming later on,the little Ryeowook also shouted “Ryeowook” excitedly. Although Ryeowook himself didn’t hear it,Donghae and Henry both heard it ^^

1. Today,I was really electrified by him..when Jiujiu* and I raised our fanboards, he was reading it..after that he laughed happily..I was electrified ==
2. Jiujiu* and I waved out fantowels at Ryeowook and a woman behind me said “they are playing with Ryeowook.
(me and jiujiu:#(^$*#(&)
3. While they were picking fans again,they picked a male fan. I saw that his facial expression changed as it was a 190cm big guy…because we all know when they picked numbers, we will not be picked. So the group of us were waving our hands. He actually took the MC’s mic and said “no no”. Who asked you when we were waving our hands earlier on,you didn’t pick us. You deserved it.

There were some parts that I couldn’t remember anymore == when I remember it,I’ll edit.
I supposed that during this programme, he was really high so today, he was really high and went to his CY to update.

*her friend

Credit to: TR with Ryeowook (ryeo-wook.com)
Written by: 辛迪瑞拉
Translated by: ☆Yoojin@SJ-WORLD.NET

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