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Known for their angsty rock ballads, F.T. Island reveals their sunny side. (By Raine Koh)

I was lucky enough to bump into F.T. Island when I was spending summer in Seoul this year. They were scheduled for a radio interview at a Korean broadcasting station. Even though it was late at night, many fans were awaiting their arrival around the venue. When the five-member band arrived, F.T.Island’s lead singer, Lee Hong Ki broke into a run, sprinting towards the entrance, as if for dear life. On the other hand, the group’s leader Choi Jong Hun was calmly walking towards the entrance, unfazed by the numerous fans who had gathered around him and were clamouring for his attention.

As an objective bystander back then, I concluded that F.T. Island looked much better in real life and that their main vocalist seemed to have a phobia for crowds. But don’t mistake F.T. Island for your typical boy band. Playing their own musical instruments, this pop rock band is scaling to new heights.

F.T. Island comments, “We think the public tends to see us as idols because we were young when we debuted and people called us pretty boys. However, wouldn’t this perception change if we showed them our improving music skills? This is something that we need to work on.”

Singapore fans of F.T. Island have many reasons to rejoice. Besides visiting the Lion City in June this year, F.T. Island will perform in Singapore once again this December as part of the Sundown Festival – Seoul’d Out! 2009 concert, which brings together some of K-pop’s best performers.

teens manages to snag an email interview with the members.

teens: This will be your second time to Singapore as a group, what were your first impressions of Singapore?
Jae Jin: I felt that Singapore was very clean and comfortable
Seung Hyun: I’ve been to many countries, but the passion among the fans in Singapore was amazing.
Min Hwan: I felt tremendous energy from the fans and would like to visit Singapore as often as I can in the future.
Jong Hun: Me too. I felt great energy and was very impressed that so many fans came to see us.
Hong Ki: I realised that Singapore is very interested in us, and I’m very thankful to our fans.

teens: With the members being busy with their individual activities these days, do you miss each other?
Jae Jin: Although I miss the times when it was easy to gather everyone for band practice, I like the “now” a lot.
Seung Hyun: When I’m alone because of solo activities and face difficulties, I find myself thinking of my group members and missing them a lot.
Min Hwan: Sometimes, I think of the members before my parents. We may argue often, I think this is how we get to know each other.
Jong Hun: I feel lonely from time to time, but I feel very happy whenever I think of being together with our members at our dormitory.
Hong Ki: Sometimes it is good to be myself, but other times I miss them

teens: Why do you think is the strangest member and why?
Jae Jin: Seung Hyun and Hong Ki are the strangest members. Their personalities are really cheerful and playful.
Seung Hyun: I think Hong Ki and I too. We are hillarious.
Min Hwan: Hong Ki
Jong Hun: Hong Ki. He is cheerful and has a really strange personality. (Laughs)
Hong Ki: It’s me

teens: What type of girls do the members like?
Jae Jin: I like girls with fair skin, but with a cheerful personality.
Seung Hyun: I like cute, innocent and sexy girls. But I think a warm heart is the most important!
Min Hwan: I like girls who can understand me and take care of me.
Jong Hun: I like girls who are honest and don’t put up a front with me.
Hong Ki: I like cute and innocent girls who are fair.

teens:Apart from girls, has there been a time when you thought another fellow band member was cool or handsome?
Seung Hyun: There are so many cool groups in Korea these days. But personally I like 2PM members

Being Famous

teens: Have you ever received any strange gifts from fans?
Jae Jin: Underwear, but it was a bit sexy.
Seung Hyun: To add more detail to Jae Jin’s answer, he received lacy panties. My special gift was a thing that was something with a strange egg shape.
Min Hwan: I received a rabbit!
Jong Hun: Musical instrument!
Hong Ki: Puppy.

teens: What are the best parts and worst parts about being a celebrity?
Jae Jin: Honestly, sometimes I feel it is a bit hard because of too much attention.
Seung Hyun: What’s incovenient now is that other people are always watching me, and I have to be conscious about my own action in public.
Min Hwan: I feel that the worst part about it is that I can’t go outside and live freely on a daily basis.
Jong Hun: The best part is the fact that we received our fans’ love. However, sometimes it is bit inconvenient as I don’t have a personal life.
Hong Ki: The good part is as we receive lots of love and because of that I always feel energetic and happy. But the bad part is the loss of my personal life as there is almost no personal protection. It is also very easy to get involved in a scandal just by our actions or by our speech.
Seung Hyun: Now I have to think that I am being watched and judged by the public all the time.

FT Island will be in town for the Sundown Festival – Seoul’d Out! 2009 Concert on 12 December. Tickets are available from Sistic – log on to www.sistic.com or call 6348 5555 for more information.

Cr: teens+primanoona (scan) + Hongki.love@soompi for rewriting

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