[Trans] MBLAQ Mini Talk Show translation !

Since AOS with Chinese subtitles isn't fully subbed yet, I'll just briefly translate the Mini Talk Show part form episode 2 cause it's the BEST part!

First question: MBLAQ is a very masculine group. Which member is the most feminine?

When they are practising, only five of the guys are there and there are no girls around. Whenever they take a break, the members would drink water and rest, Joon would be the one doing his hair and checking how he looks. Hahaha!

Second question: If it weren't for MBLAQ, which members will most probably become a comedian?

Joon wanted to stick the black sticker on Mir's eyeball! Mir said if he does that his eye would be finished. LOL
Mir isn't shy in front of people. He would do anything to build up the mood, shouting randomly in public places. Since they're on the way to meet the senior in Kang Won Do whom G.O. is planning to invite, the manager suggested that Mir do something at the rest stop. G.O. said for the last question, the chosen member would be punished to do something then.

Last question: To be honest, I have a lot of complaints for being in the same room as this person...

His fart is horrible. Joon said Mir is perverted because he thinks people actually likes the smell of his fart. He would actually ask and beg people to smell it just for once, right up their noses!!!

Mir tried to justify himself. He said he's full of gas naturally. Since he's afraid it would cause discomfort to others, he tends to hold it in. But it's impossible to hold it all the time, so naturally he would release it sometimes. He explained that this has nothing to do with his character. Then, Joon asked why must he have to give it to others like a present?! HAHAHA! Mir said he wants to have his own smell, just like in the battlefield. When others smell it, they'll recognise that it's him. This should be the way. OMG MIR! HAHAHA!
Now... the feet smell talk. This is the part that made G.O. and Seung Ho burst out laughing!!! When they have meals at restaurants, it is natural that they keep their shoes on because that way they wouldn't smell. But for Mir, his would smell even when he has his shoes on! The smell comes out non-stop and goes straight into their noses. HAHAHA! I love how Joon explained it here. Mir said usually his feet don't smell. But because of the long hour practices, they start to smell when he sweats a lot. And apparently Mir's feet smell causes outbursts! When they were having their dance lesson one day, Mir took off his shoes because it was a little troublesome for him to dance with his shoes on in the practice room. The moment he took them off, their dance teacher stopped their practice immediately! The teacher even swore at him! HAHAHAH! Poor Mir...

That's pretty all about the Mini Talk Show. Mir went off the bus at the end because he had to go down to carry out his punishment. I think he's going to do something embarrassing in public in the next episode. Can't wait!

Credits to : chunjess@soompi , MiRJoOn@MBLAQ Power International Forum

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