[Trans]Artist Stadium Interview!

This has been translated from jap to korean, then i did it from korean to english so some bits may sound a bit weird.

Welcome back, BIGBANG! It’s been 3 months since you last came to Artist Stadium.
All of you are back together again, now that D-Lite’s better! Yay!
They used to live together, but now they’re living separately in two groups: GD-VI and TOP-YB-DS.

Let’s ask the busy Big Bang about how they spend their time ‘recharging’…
DS: I used to use a room with VI but now I have my own room. I just relax in my room.
YB: I sleep on the couch in the studio since I can’t get to sleep at home.
[…the reason YB can’t sleep at night! ↓↓↓ *laughs*]
TOP: I play music through my speakers instead of using headphones, and sing or do stuff for my album.
VI: I watch movies or listen to music in my room.
GD: I lie in my bed with my dog Gaho.
..These were the type of answers they gave, giving us an idea of their lifestyle nowadays.

GD keeps fiddling with VI’s sideburns *laughs*
VI, who just lets him, says: “I’m pretty kind, aye.” *laughs*
GD says (about VI) “We live together, but its like living alone.”
He keeps lovingly touching and stroking VI’s sideburns, saying he’s like a doll. *laughs*
They seem really close ~ ♪♪♪

TOP, who is recently being told by the other members of Big Bang that he’s grown from a baby to a 7 year old, did a little dance ♪♪♪
He wanted to show a powerful dance, but~ *laughs*
Please listen to the Club Mix of their new single ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’! Your body will start moving on its own!
It seems as though it won’t be long before TOP’s dog Charlie is revealed to the world!

[underneath, the blogger has written:
I got this from BB Flow.
And TOP’s dog has already been revealed!

SOURCE: http://topgate.egloos.com/4577835
Credits to : sjay.x@BBVIP Forum

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