[news] kHottest phone call with JYPE about tVN News


this is something that came up on daum i think not too long ago. a khottest called jype to ask some questions. i've read through a lot of phone convo's of khottest and jype but i think this is the best one. plus it's recent and has to do with tvN's release of jay's personal life.

*throughout the translation, i will refer to the jype staff as "he" - nobody except for the person who called knows if it was actually a female or a male.
*to avoid confusion i italicized the parts that are the khottest's opinion.

1. 취재방송전 소속사에 동의를 구하지 않는지 묻기동의를 구하지 않고 촬영했다고 한다.
내가 그럼 청담동도 취재할때 동의를 구하지 않느냐 했더니
한국과 미국의 지역 차이라는 어처구니없는 대답을 했다.
결국 6명멤버 촬영시 사전동의가 이루어지나 재범촬영시에는 그렇지 않다는것을 인정했다.

2. 방송사실을 알고 있었는지 묻기
전혀 몰랐다고 한다. 아침에 기사를 보고 알아서 지금 논의중이라고 한다
그래서 도대체 소속사에서는 항상 늦게 대응하고 그 대응책도 논의만 하고 논의를 진짜 하긴하냐고했더니
대답을 못했다.

3. 앞으로 박재범사생활 침해시 강력대응하겠다고 기사까지 났었는데 대응책에 대해 묻기
기사는 나갔지만 강력대응에 대한 대책은 하나도 없다. 질문에 정확한 답변을 하지 못한다.
그러므로 결국 말뿐인 대책인것이다

4. 박재범이 알바를 하고 있다는 사실을 알았는지 묻기 (소속가수인데 서포트를 어느부분까지 해주는지 확인하기)
아르바이트를 하는것은 소속사 상관할바가 아니라고 했다
그래서 그럼 6명 멤버들도 소속사 소속이면서 아르바이트를 할 수 있는것이냐 했더니
대답할 수 없다고 말했다.
결국 박재범이 알바하는것은 관련사항이 아니나 6명멤버들은 알바를 할 수 없다는것이다.

5. 박재범에게 춤/보컬트레이너를 붙여줬는지 사실 확인하기.
진행되고 있느나 사실여부는 모르겠다
그럼 도대체 그 담당직원이 모르며 누가 아나? 박진영이 혼자 하냐? 정욱대표가 혼자 하냐?
확실한건 진행되지 않았다. 구해주지도 않았다는 것이다.

6. 한밤방송건의 정정보도 요청 공식적으로 하기로 하셨는지 묻기
공식적으로 정정보도 요청건 논의해보겠다고 했으나 논의한적도 없고 건의할 생각도 없다
왜냐하면 오늘도 똑같이 확인해보겠다라는 말만 되풀이 했다

7. 연말에 있을 박재범에 대한 기사,방송에 대한 어떤 대응책을 갖고 있는지 묻기
대응책을 별달리 마련해논게 없는것으로 보여진다.
자세히 추궁하자 담당자 연결해준다면서 전화를 끊어버렸다.

1. Asking if tvN asked permission from JYPE before invasion(?) broadcasting.
He said they didnt ask for permission. So I asked, "don't you guys ask for permission when digging into research" and they said a bizzare answer that "it's the difference between Korea and America." In the end, you can say they admitted prior consent is necessary for broadcasting/filming of the other 6 members but not for Jaebum.

2. Asking if JYPE knew about the broadcast.
He says they had no idea. They saw the articles online in the morning and now are discussing the issue. So I asked why the company (JYPE) is always so late at reacting and "discussing" without any counter-movement plans and if they actually were even "discussing" this with tvN but he couldn't answer.

3. Asking about JYPE's counter-movement plans to strongly prevent invasion of Jaebum's privacy in the future like JYPE stated in news articles.
News articles were published but they have no counter-movement plans - he couldn't even answer my question clearly. You can say JYPE's "counter-movement plans" are nothing but talk.

4. Asking if JYPE knew Jaebum was working part time (Checking how much support JYPE is giving Jaebum as his company).
He said it's none of JYPE's business if Jaebum works part time or not. So I asked if the rest of the 2pm members are allowed to work part time under JYPE contract and he said he can't answer. You can say Jaebum working part time isn't relevant to JYPE but the rest of 2pm aren't allowed to work part time.

5. Checking if JYPE supported Jaebum with a vocal and dance trainer.
He said it's in the process but he doesn't know for sure. If the person in charge of it doesn't know, then who does? Does only JYP do this himself? Or representative Mr. JungWook? Nothing has been done for sure. They didn't even try to help Jaebum.

6. Asking if JYPE officially requested to HanBam for a correction.
Although JYPE "officially" announced they will request for a correction and discuss with them, they haven't ever had this discussion or even have thoughts of proposing one. I know this because he said that he'll check over and over again just like he did any other day.

7. Asking about what JYPE's plan is for all the future articles about Jaebum that will come up towards the end of the year.
It looks like they don't have any plans. As I asked specifically in more detail, he said he'll connect me to the person in charge and just hung up.

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