[news] A look into Jung Yong-hwa's character from TV series “Minamishineyo”

He’s the calm, rational, gentle one. His guitarist skill and his voice are incomparable. Though he’s not the leader of the group, he does carry that charismatic, gentle, ‘angelic’ side for Go Mi Nam in popular idol drama, “You’re Beautiful”

Guitarist of Korea’s most popular group A.N.JELL. The one who owns the legend of winning a scuffle against 17 guys during high school. The Shin-woo who appears out of nowhere when something happens to Go Mi-nam. This guy displayed his instinctive and genius wooing skills from the very first moment he met Mi-nam, saying “You… [Shin-woo lays a hand on Mi-nam's shoulder, looks her up and down quietly yet intently, flashes his killer smile and says] are Go Mi-nam?”

Shin-woo’s mental age surpasses that of leader Hwang Tae-kyung’s by about 20 years and is extremely considerate. When Mi-nam, who pretends to be a guy in the beginning of “Minamishineyo”, is stuck in the men’s changing room, Shin-woo helps her leave by placing a towel lightly over her head saying, “I can’t wash up if you’re here”. And rather than asking her out on a date directly, he will say, “Thank you for coming with me. I had really wanted to eat the food here.” But all the indirectness and concealing of emotions has only made his presence become less of a concern for Mi-nam. He will speak to himself while holding a gift for Mi-nam in his hands after she leaves him to take care of Tae-kyung, and speak to the wall after Tae-kyung looks after Mi-nam all night when she becomes sick.

Of course, like he says, it is for “the well-being of the group and to put Mi-nam’s mind at peace” but he himself soon regrets it. What good is it trying to appeal to her with lines such as “Someone who will like you no matter what? Right here. Whatever you do, I will always applaud you, praise you and smile for you. I make a pretty good fan, right?” The response he gets will be “You’re very warm-hearted, like the person who raised me,” meaning that Mi-nam associates him with the nun at church who raised her rather than seeing him as a real man. So his act of shouting out “This is my woman. The woman I had not been able to speak of!” while trying to stop Mi-nam from exposing her identity in front of reporters, is quite pitiful, even if he is the Shin-woo that the female viewers so dote on. So Kang Shin-woo, call me if you become disgruntled.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@10asia.co.kr
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr, Jang Kyung-Jin three@10asia.co.kr

Source : Jazzholic

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